Monthly Archive: February 2014


Cigar Review: Emilio AF Suave

It figures that I’d be the one who would find a cigar that is late to the party. I probably should have reviewed this sometime in the last year and a half after it was first introduced, but I don’t always like to show up when the party kicks off. I’ve been called “fashionably late” more times than I probably care to count, and this cigar is right there with me.


Some New Items from 1502

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Leonel Proveda, who works in Business Development for Global Premium Cigars, the company founded by Enrique Sanchez and better known as the makers of 1502 Cigars.


Cigar Review: Davidoff of Geneva 25th Anniversary

Today just about all cigar smokers know Davidoff as the premier purveyor of Dominican cigars, but up until the late 1980s they were actually known for their Cuban cigars. You see them reviewed in the “extra aged” selection of a certain lifestyle magazine from time to time. After severing relations with Cuban tobacco manufacturing, Davidoff of Geneva was formed and the brand was available to those in America. Twenty-five years later we have been graced with this limited edition cigar, of which only 3,000 boxes of 10 were produced.