Cigar Giveaways!

Starting April 2014, Leaf Enthusiast will feature a monthly cigar giveaway.

July 2015 Prize

RP_PrivateCellarFor June, we are giving away TWO 4-packs of Private Cellar Robustos by Rocky Patel Cigars

Here’s how it works…

Not a Contest

“Contest” to us implies that there is some competition involving some skill. If your skill is greater than the other person’s skill, you are more likely to win. The only skills you need to win cigars in our giveaways are two very basic items: reading and writing.


Read our posted reviews and other articles. We generally have new material posted Monday through Friday, taking most major holidays off…although we may post something on weekends from time to time.


Leave a comment on what you read. We use Disqus for our commenting engine. You can sign in to the system using your Twitter, Facebook or Google IDs, or if you have a Disqus account, you can use that.


Do that for every blog post in a calendar month.

Important Rules

Each month we will feature a new giveaway. The prize(s) will be announced around the 1st of the month; the cutoff for entry will be the last day of the month.

Comments left for articles posted in other months are appreciated, but will not count toward the current month’s giveaway.

Only one comment per article will be counted. We want to encourage civil conversation in our comments section, but only the first comment you leave on that day will count.

For selecting winners, we will use a random number generator to select a day of the month (and if a day is selected where no articles were posted or no comments left, another date will be selected), then we will use the random number generator to select a comment on that article.

Winners must be 19 years of age and have a U.S. address for shipping. Because of laws in different localities, we cannot ship to anyone under 19 or any address outside the United States.

We will announce a winner around the 1st of the following month (April winners announced around the first of May, for example). The winner will be announced on Leaf Enthusiast and we will attempt to contact the winner via email, Twitter, Facebook, or whatever methods we have at our disposal. If we are unsuccessful in contacting or if we receive no reply within 15 days of the winner originally being posted on Leaf Enthusiast, a new winner will be chosen.