Cigar Review: Factory Tour Blend Maduro by Perdomo

  • FacTour_straightVitola: Toro
  • 6” x 52 ring gauge 
  • ~$8.00
  • Provided by company


In 2015, Perdomo started shipping the Factory Tour Blend, a cigar that previously was only available to people who went on the factory tour…not the most imaginative name, but at least you know where the blend came from. As with just about everything Perdomo releases, there were 3 wrapper varieties: Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade, Nicaraguan Sun Grown, and Nicaraguan Maduro, all of which were wrapped around Nicaraguan filler and binder leaves.

Recently I had a chance to try out the Factory Tour Blend in a Maduro and was a little taken aback at how good it was…and that was a Torpedo…a size I don’t normally even seek out! So when I was able to get a second sample, this time a Toro, I decided to save it for review purposes.

This is the second time I’ve smoked the Perdomo Factory Tour Maduro and both samples were provided to me by the company.


Perdomo seems to have fully bought into the “bigger is better” school of cigar bands. First the series that was made to pair with beer and now this one all have bands that cover half or more of the cigar itself. That said, at least these bands look good…gold and green on a cream background with some black in the mix as well. It’s a rich look that I won’t knock, but I do wish it wasn’t quite so huge.

The Maduro wrapper of the cigar itself was dark chocolate in color with a smooth oiliness to it and an aroma of rich, sweet earth with touches of coffee and cocoa powder. The foot had a stronger coffee note and more cocoa powder.

Once I cut the stick, I had a good draw and a cold flavor that combined chocolate with earth and natural tobacco.


It took some time and patience to get the 52 ring gauge foot of the cigar burning evenly and completely with my single flame torch. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again publicly…I would like to see some smaller ring gauge cigars come out of the Perdomo factory. I know, I know…these sell the best…at least that’s what I’ve been told by those “in the know.” The Factory Tour Maduro lit up with a strongly earthy core, which spilled over with notes of espresso bean and unsweetened cocoa and backed up with a touch of dried fruit and a dull red pepper on the back of the palate. The retrohale was intensely peppery, with more notes of cocoa powder and some cedar.

Getting into the second third, I found the FTB Maduro to be very earthy still with a nice sweetness balancing it. Notes of coffee bean and cedar still played in the mix but the pepper had receded almost completely.

The last third was redolent with coffee bean along with a nice dark chocolate undercurrent that balanced it really well. Pepper spice started to pick up again on the palate about halfway through the third.


As with most Perdomo cigars I’ve had, I found construction to be excellent. I had a great draw, very even burn line and solid ash.


It’s one of the best Perdomo sticks I’ve had and it’s still less than $10. Great value!


Aside from the Edición del Silvio, this is likely the best Perdomo I’ve ever had…it’s no wonder they took this from a strictly factory tour offering to a wide public release. The cigar was full-bodied and rich with flavors of earth, coffee, chocolate, cocoa powder, cedar, and pepper spice. I believe we will be getting these in the shop in the near future and I can’t wait to load up on them. I do wish they would do at least one in a smaller ring gauge, though…it would be spectacular!


Prelight: 2/2
Construction: 2/2
Flavor: 4.5/5
Value: 1/1
Total: 9.5/10

David Jones

David has been smoking premium cigars since 2001. He is co-founder and editor-in-chief of Leaf Enthusiast. He is a full-time retail tobacconist, working for Burns Tobacconist in Chattanooga, where he has also organized the Chattanooga Tweet-Up for the last four years. He is also an independent graphic designer and typesetter. Twitter: @dmjones1009

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