Cigar Review: Regius Sumatra

Regius SumatraVitola: Robusto
Size: 4.875″ x 50 ring gauge
Price $6.99
Obtained From


Today I’ll be reviewing the last of the new releases from Regius.  You can see the last one I did as well as links to the others here.  Like the others I’m going to guess it has Nicaraguan fillers and binder with an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper.  This was the first one of these I smoked.


The wrapper was a medium brown in color with a greyish cast and some darker mottling.  The bottom band clearly identified the blend like the others.  The wrapper showed some oils and a pretty good amount of tooth.  It also showed some veins as well.  When I gave it a squeeze it was fairly firm with no soft spots.  When I put my nose to the wrapper I got the aroma of barnyard with the aroma of nuts from the foot.  After clipping it and taking a cold draw I got some woody notes with a slightly tight draw.


It starts off with wood and leather flavors with a slight bitterness to it.  After a few puffs I started to get some spice on the tongue and retrohale.  Towards the end of the first third I started to get some sweetness on the finish.  The cigar starts off medium strength.  Moving into the second third the flavors changed to marshmallow, wood, and earth with a sweet finish.  It stayed medium strength.  The final third saw the flavors change to graham, wood, and earth with the spice starting to come back.  It finished off medium strength as well.


At the beginning the draw was slightly tight, but by the second third it had opened up pretty good.  The burn while wavy didn’t need any correction.


The price is good just like the other releases.


Overall it was a good cigar, just nothing to grab my attention.  Because of it’s medium strength it would be reachable by more smokers.  If you’re interested in trying this or any of the new blends you can get them here.


Prelight: 2/2
Construction: 2/2
Flavor: 3.5/5
Value: 1/1
Total: 8.5/10

Keith Hollar

Keith has been a cigar enthusiast since 2003 and it's rumored that he remembers details about every single cigar he's ever smoked. He wrote for Tiki Bar Online for four years before co-founding Leaf Enthusiast. Twitter: @Keith1911

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