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Cigar Review: Don Diego Robusto

Just after Christmas, I found myself visiting my local B&M to pick up cigars for friends that were visiting that evening. What was unique about this these friends had never smoked a cigar before. Wanting to be a good host, I picked up a variety of cigars to give them a choice. They both ultimately selected a flavored cigar (Java), leaving us with a few extras to smoke with one of those being the Don Diego Robusto I am reviewing for you now.


Cigar Review: Frank Herrera Biography

I met Frank at the first Chattanooa Tweetup after missing him a couple times on his trips out to the LA area. I was able to try La Caridad del Cobre at that event. At this year’s tweetup I was very excited to see the “new to me” biography as one of the cigars Frank sent us to give away. Dave did a review on it here. I was only able to smoke one cigar for this review.


Cigar Review: Kentucky Fire Cured by Drew Estate

Kentucky Fire Cured tobaccos are nothing new, although they have never been used in premium cigars in such a way that was started in 2013. Besides Drew Estate, 2 other companies opted to use this or similar fire-cured leaf in their blends, although I think Drew Estate did the most to promote the usage of it by using “Kentucky Fire Cured” as part of the brand name.


Tennessee Spirits: Winter Jack

Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack is a seasonal blend of apple cider liqueur, Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey and holiday spices. It is based on an original family recipe from Jack’s home in Lynchburg, Tennessee. When it’s cold outside and snow is falling, our heartwarming Tennessee Cider should be enjoyed with friends and family.


Cigar Review: Rocky Patel II XXVI

Despite the frigid temperatures of late (for those who don’t know, Tennessee had a couple of sub zero temps last week), we finally had a couple of days of warmth again. So when it hit 65 degrees outside, I decided to go sit on my back deck and have a smoke.


Cigar Review: F55 Quattro by Aging Room

Aging Room Cigars is one of those “enigma” companies in the cigar industry. You hear about them, you might see them in magazines, but finding a retailer who carries them can be a challenge. Certain bloggers rave about them, but when you check the stores they bought from, they are sold out. So they almost exist just on a sort of “underground word-of-mouth.”


Cigar Review: Achilles by Curivari

Curivari, though, is a company that seems to relish its boutique status. You can hardly find them in any shop. When you do find a shop that carries them, it’s almost impossible to find the blend or the vitola you really want. Orders are filled when they are filled and batches are numbered in the 10s of thousands, not millions.


Wine Review – Cigar Box Reserve

When the first vintage of this wine was made, our winemaker noticed subtle hints of “Cigar Box” on the nose…the name stuck! Sourced from a single vineyard, the grapes for this wine are bunch selected and hand harvested. This Malbec displays aromas of ripe plum and violets along with subtle hints of vanilla.