Thoughts From The Smoking Chair – 08/04/17

The Library Room at the Dorsey Cigar Bar at the Venetian.

From my Vegas trip. It works great to set the tone for this type of article.

It’s been a little bit busier in the Siddle household than looking at our calendar would show. Between arranging commitments for one of the groups I perform with to my wife’s ramping up of the school year, the amount of time I have had to commit to a cigar review this week hasn’t exactly panned out. So instead, like past articles I have done, I thought I would take a little bit of time to tell you what I have been smoking and drinking lately and perhaps a few other random thoughts I have floating around.


About six weeks ago, I went hunting for value smokes to fill the humidor with. And as luck would have it, I found some. I remember the first time I smoked a Sam Leccia Black Label years ago and was surprised to find them within the Deals section of Cigars International. I currently have one left in my humidor and I’m trying to hold onto to it long enough for when I order more (the Robustos are sold out at the moment).

And speaking of value cigars, one found me courtesy of my friend Kevin who works at a local police department. He’s a new brother to the leaf and I’ve been more than happy to offer up cigars to check out. One day he stopped by the office to pick up a few cigars from me to try and in return, shared with me a gem from a shop in Florida. All the label on the bundle stated was “Premium Dominican Long Filler Cigar”. I don’t have any details on the cigar besides that and the price ($44.99 for a bundle of 20) but wow, what a nice cigar. Woody with lots of punch.And good news regarding those: They can be ordered from their shop and shipped to you.¬†Expect a full-on review in my next review.


In case you missed or forgot it from the last ‘Thoughts’ article, Johnnie Walker Green Label is still running around $30 less at some local licquor stores and gas stations. Maybe it is in your area. I’ve also been enjoying the Zafra rum mentioned in the La Flor De Ynclan. And being that the licquor selection is beginning to run bare, I need to pick something up. Expect to see reviews of the Zafra rum and something else in the next few months.

NFL Pick-Em League?

I remember years back, Skip and Michael from RoMa Craft Tobac ran an NFL Pick-Em League and the winner got cigars at the end of the regular season. I’m toying with the idea of doing something similar. It’s less work than running a full-on fantasy league (although I do plenty of those). Keep an eye on more details of that in my next review.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read what I write. I always look forward to the next time I am able to share my thoughts with all of you.

Jon Siddle

Jon enjoyed his first premium cigar in 2004. Before becoming a founding member of Leaf Enthusiast, he contributed to Cigar Spy before becoming a regular on Tiki Bar Online. You can find him on Instagram at @jonsiddle.

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  • Arless

    Thanks Jon, this was a nice change of pace! I will be looking for the review.

  • Swede214

    Thanks Jon, I enjoyed reading your ” thoughts “, thanks again.