Cigar Review: My Father 10th Anniversary Limited Edition 2018

IMG_E0754Vitola: Toro
Size: 6.5″ x 52 ring gauge
Price $24.00
Review Sample from 


Today I’ll be looking at the limited edition celebrating 10 years of My Father Cigars.  Like some of the previous releases it has a Nicaraguan filler and binder,  including some Pelo de Oro tobacco, with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.  It looks like the blend for this year’s release was similar to some in the past.   These come packed in their own coffins in 14 count glossy boxes that are numbered out of 2,500.  This was my first experience with this cigar.


The wrapper on this cigar is a very nice reddish brown in color with a good amount of oils and tooth to it.  The bands make it very clear that this is the 10th anniversary release as well as that it was released in 2018.  Why can’t every cigar maker do this?  When I gave it a squeeze there was a slight amount of give but no soft spots.  After clipping it and taking a cold draw on it I got an ok draw with flavors of wood and leather.


It starts off with flavors of wood and coffee with the spice coming through after a short way into the cigar, which isn’t how most of the Pepin made cigars I’ve had started.  After the spice showed up I started to get a sweet finish out of it as well.  It starts off medium strength.  As I moved into the second third the flavors or strength didn’t really change a whole lot.  The spice mellowed out some.  Once I got into the final third the spice did start come back.  I noted slightly different flavors in this third of wood, leather, tobacco, and hints of cinnamon and sweetness.  The strength stayed the same.


The draw on this sample was way too tight.  I tried opening it up with MTX but it didn’t really help.  This is something I’ve experienced on a few of the recent MF limited editions and it is very disappointing to know that if the draw was better it would be a much more interesting cigar.  Maybe I should have taken it out of the coffin a day before I smoked it?  The burn was good throughout.


With the draw issue this cigar didn’t do a whole lot for me so I probably wouldn’t pay the $24 for it.


As I mentioned above the tight draw probably caused it to not be very enjoyable for me.  Maybe it was just this one?  Or maybe I should have taken it out of the coffin a day before?  If you’d like to try this or any other My Father Cigars other releases head on over to


Prelight: 2/2
Construction: 1.5/2
Flavor: 3.5/5
Value: .5/1
Total: 7.5/10

Keith Hollar

Keith has been a cigar enthusiast since 2003 and it's rumored that he remembers details about every single cigar he's ever smoked. He wrote for Tiki Bar Online for four years before co-founding Leaf Enthusiast. Twitter: @Keith1911

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